Saturday, March 29, 2014

Climate fraud promoter Michael Mann turns the dial up to 12

Living on Earth: Climate Change Here and Now

Mann: "Climate change is already a threat to national security. There’s increased conflict...essentially, a perfect storm for intense conflict and threats to national security...

...that 13-foot [Sandy] surge that flooded a large part of Manhattan, at least one of those 13 feet was due to human caused global warming...we are already seeing climate change take a great toll on our economy here in the U.S...We know that even a little bit of warming in tropical regions leads to a very sharp decrease in agricultural productivity

...if we see seven degrees Fahrenheit warming of the planet, which is within range of the projections if we continue with business as usual fossil fuel burning, then many regions of the globe will literally be unlivable could be forgiven for mistaking this report for a post-apocalyptic plot that Hollywood had written about it."


Anonymous said...

It seems like some modern scientists do to the search for knowledge what cuckoos do to the nests of other birds.

bob campbell said...

According to his team we already have had warming and food production has increased'
So only the next bit of warming will destroy it.