Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Uh oh: If CO2 is supposed to *reduce* outgoing longwave radiation [OLR] to space, why has global OLR to space *increased*?

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Man-made global warming theory is falsified by satellite observations
Global warming theory proposes that CO2 traps longwave (infrared) radiation in the troposphere to reduce outgoing longwave radiation [OLR] to space. However, satellite measurements since 1975 indicate that global OLR has instead increased by about 1.3 Wm-2. This is in direct contradiction to global warming theory that "trapping" of radiation by CO2 should have instead reduced* OLR by .93 Wm-2 since 1975.

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Bob Armstrong said...

The fact that CO2 absorbs IR rather well also means it emits it rather well . Thus it cannot "hold heat in" . Tyndall noted this conundrum in a 1861 lecture .
See http://cosy.com/Science/RadiativeBalanceGraphSummary.html for the essential computations .