Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tonight at the Castro: the most beautiful/depressing movie about global warming ever | SF Arts
Chasing Ice Even wild-eyed neocons might reconsider their declarations that global warming is a hoax after seeing the work of photographer James Balog, whose images of shrinking glaciers offer startling proof that our planet is indeed being ravaged by climate change (and it's getting exponentially worse).
Recent Global Warming Slowed by Volcanoes | Wired Science
Only when industrial sulfur-dioxide emissions were boosted to 10 times those actually observed did stratospheric aerosols begin to approach the levels seen during the past decade, the researchers report in an upcoming issue of Geophysical Research Letters. That’s a sign, Neely says, that industrial emissions played little, if any, role in aerosol-produced cooling between 2000 and 2010.
Rev. Michael Dowd: Preaching on Climate Change
Take a look at a two-minute video clip of a rather audacious sermon I delivered a few weeks ago at a Unitarian Universalist church in Golden, Colo., "God Rebukes Religious Right: 'Repent or Face Hell and High Water'"
...As a generation, we will leave behind a legacy that will be talked about for centuries. That legacy will irrevocably brand us as either the worst generation of all time or one of the greatest. It all depends on how we relate to our mortality (the younger generations cannot afford to keep us alive as long as technologically possible) and how we respond to the climate chaos we are causing -- and that we can no longer deny or ignore.
[Planet-healing] HSBC Profit Falls as Money Laundering Fines, PPI Costs Hit Bottom Line - IBTimes UK
The sales will help to offset the $1.9bn in fines HSBC was forced to pay US authorities in December of last year after a Senate investigation found evidence of more than a decade of lax controls it said linked HSBC to money-laundering, terrorist funding, tax evasion and financial ties to Iran that violate US sanctions.
Flashback: Gee, thanks a lot, HSBC!
HSBC Phils: Breeding environment warriors

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