Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Snow Blankets Northern Countries Contrary to Global Warming Predictions meaning Governments are basing Climate Change Policies on Faulty Science say Friends of Science
Global warming advocates predicted 13 years ago that soon children would never see snow due to climate change. Surprisingly, the recent heavy snowfalls are instead being touted by advocates as evidence of global warming – yet scientific measurements show temperatures on the decline meaning global government climate change policies are being driven by faulty computer models instead of known solar cycles say Friends of Science.
Al Gore bucks enviros, endorses Obama Energy nominee | JunkScience.com
Enviros loathe Ernest Moniz for his positions on fracking and nuclear power — but not Al Gore.
@UMTRI shows fuel-economy gains 1970-2010 mask less impressive result accounting for #people/vehicle
As a consequence of the changes in vehicle fuel economy, vehicle distance travelled, and vehicle load, the total amount of fuel used increased by 53% (from 303 to 463 billion liters).
Quadrant Online - The Climate Commission plumbs new depths
The ACC claim that “missing heat” could be in the ocean depths is merely an assumption – a faith statement.
India's Only Electric Car Revamped to Woo Drivers - NYTimes.com
Some are skeptical that electric cars will be anything more than a tiny niche. “One might say that Mahindra is doing it more for the P.R.,” said Zia Patel, a senior strategist at brand strategy firm Wolff Olins who watches the Indian market. “The EVs right now will be toys for the rich.”

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