Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Mann at UVic still using the same outdated graph

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#MannatUVic "greatest hoax ever perpetuated on American people" according to quote by Inhofe "we should be so organized" he points out
Mann redefines “conspiracy” and other nonsense of the lambs | The View From Here
My friend’s summary: It was boring, and there was very little one could say after Mann had declared that his science was irrefutable. And yes, he did use the same outdated graph – criticism of which had sent him into an incoherent rage, on Mar. 3.
Mann redefines “conspiracy” and other nonsense of the lambs | The View From Here
[Hilary Ostrov comment] After telling his audience that “the math is as terrifying as Bill McKibben described it”, Mann proceeded to advise (in a non-policy prescriptive way, of course) “Don’t put all your marbles in the adaptation basket – problem is rate of change. Ecosystems can’t keep up.”
Mann will be adding to his carbon footprint by flying to Milwaukee in order to be a “Principal Speaker” on March 6 at the 2013 Sustainability Summit and Exposition. He will evidently be addressing a plenary session, at which his topic will be:


And where did that expertise come from, I wonder?!

Ooops … Looks someone forgot to update the program notes ..
[Mann] shared the Nobel Peace Prize with other IPCC authors in 2007.
[Mann] The scientific evidence is in. There is no serious debate any more
Twitter / carollinnitt: Obama must use "executive ...
Obama must use "executive authority" to address #climatechange, says @MichaelEMann. Obama needs to have a national discussion #mannatuvic

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