Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Late season frost damages western Palm Beach County corn and bean crops to the tune of millions
Belle Glade area vegetable farmers were assessing damage Tuesday after temperatures that dipped as low as 25 degrees Monday in isolated areas, ruining at least a few thousand acres of crops and costing farmers into the millions of dollars.
CNN Promotes Daryl Hannah's Global Warming Film by Former Eco-Terrorist Spokesman | NewsBusters
[Hannah] The oil – the fossil fuel industry is the wealthiest industry in the history of money. In the history of money, and yet we're still paying, you know, through the roof just for our gallons of gas to go to, you know, to take our kids to school. It is unethical, it's wrong. And now we're going to extreme forms of extraction just to get that fuel because we've run out of the easy-to-get stuff. We have to blow up entire mountain tops. We're just decimating our oldest mountain range in the Appalachians.
Round 3! CNN tonight @ 9 PM ET Morano debates global warming
CFACT’s Marc Morano takes on global warming in his third debate on Piers Morgan Tonight.
Round one was Morano v. Bill Nye. Round two was Morano v. Michael Brune.
Rematch tonight! Morano v. Sierra Club’s Michael Brune
Subhankar Banerjee talks with James Hansen | Seven Stories Press
As part of the Lannan In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series, Banerjee and Hansen spoke of the “non-human” communities that we are wiping out because of oil drilling, global warming, and climate change, which is often times overlooked in mainstream media and government.

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