Tuesday, March 05, 2013

How to Lose a Climate Change Argument - WendyMcElroy.com
I see that Slate is now offering a flowchart of "How to Win Any Climate Change Argument." All I can say is, I pity the fool that tries to use that flowchart on me. Below the break, if this subject doesn't bore you to tears by now, is my fisking of their arguments.
IBD: State Approves Keystone XL (Again) | JunkScience.com
“In yet another clean bill of health, the State Department’s draft review says the pipeline from Canada will not affect global warming or harm aquifers it crosses. But it will create jobs and economic growth.”
Twitter / aDissentient
BH commenter: If we get no warming for another year or two, there will be no school children who have experienced global warming.
American energy and economics: Better out than in | The Economist
If Barack Obama wants a cleaner world and a richer America, he should allow natural-gas exports

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