Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Fossilised giant camel bone found in High Arctic | guardian.co.uk
The sediments around the fossils date to at least 3.4m years old, when the region was much warmer than today and dominated by larch forests.
Nancy Colleton and J. Marshall Shepherd: The Next Secretary of Commerce [should get all worked up about CO2-induced bad weather]
Given that U.S. business is still recovering from one of the worst recessions in the nation's history and the threat of weather and climate disruptions are creating great uncertainty in a more competitive global marketplace, a new list of qualifications should be written for the nation's top business advocate.
Committee Report Draws Parallels Between Keystone XL Pipeline and Trans-Alaska Pipeline | Energy & Commerce Committee
The Alaska Pipeline has been a widely successful project, delivering over 16 billion barrels of oil to the American market to date, supporting hundreds of jobs across the country, and strengthening our national security. But despite these benefits, the project faced an uphill battle in its construction much like Keystone XL today. The Alaska pipeline was bogged down in years of bureaucratic delays, including duplicative environmental reviews and multiple rounds of litigation stemming from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). To overcome these delays, Congress passed the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act in 1973, which cleared away the roadblocks and approved the project. The striking parallels between the Alaska Pipeline and the Keystone XL pipeline suggests that congressional action may once again be necessary to cut through the red tape and build the pipeline.
VIDEO: The Intergenerational Evil Of Climate Change | ThinkProgress
As members of the generational cohort now in power, we exhort fellow “boomers” to awaken to the “generational evil” that will become our sad legacy if we continue with business as usual, focusing irresponsibly on our own comfort and security while expecting future generations to deal with the horrendous conditions that our own complacency will produce.

– Rev. Michael Dowd is a religious naturalist, evidential mystic, big history evangelist, and author of ‘Thank God for Evolution.’

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